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Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease Therapy in Las Vegas

Crohn’s Disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects approximately half a million people in North America. This disease can impact any part of the gastrointestinal tract, causing a wide variety of symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea (which may be bloody if inflammation is at its worst), vomiting (can be continuous), or weight loss. Skin rashes and arthritis can also occur.

While Crohn’s Disease has a genetic component, it is an auto-immune disease in which the person’s own immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract. Traditional medical treatments include immune-suppressant therapy with steroids as well as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

Stem Cell Therapy for Crohn’s Disease

Dr. Santos is a leader of stem cell therapy and the Regenerative Cell Institutes of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mason City, Iowa, are leading the way in the development of stem cell therapies to treat auto-immune diseases, including Crohn’s Disease. Stem cell therapy for Crohn’s Disease focuses on repairing the gastrointestinal tract tissues that have been damaged as a result of the chronic disease and the use of steroid based medications. Targeted stem cell treatments can provide symptom relief and remission, allowing patients with Crohn’s disease to enjoy an improved quality of life.

How are Stem Cells Administered?

Stem cells are harvested from the patient and then undergo a proprietary treatment process. The Regenerative Cell Institute uses adipose-derived stem cells, component of the so- called stromal vascular fraction (SVF), rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors, to enhance the immune-modulatory, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties of the stem cell treatment.

Our innovative stem cell treatments for Crohn’s Disease are completed as outpatient procedures, with the stem cells being harvested, prepared, and injected via intravenous infusion in a single office visit. The procedure takes approximately 3 hours and patients experience little to no downtime.

To learn more about stem cell therapy for Crohn’s Disease, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, please contact us. Dr. Santos personally evaluates stem cell therapy candidates at the Regenerative Cell Institutes of Las Vegas, Nevada, or Mason City, Iowa, and develops customized treatment plans for each patient.

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