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Neck & Spine Pain

Neck & Spine Pain Treatment in Iowa

Many forms of neck and spine pain are caused by arthritis of the facet joints, the small joints where vertebra connect to their adjacent vertebrae. The most common sources of neck pain, degenerative disc disease, and facet arthropathy (a type of arthritis) of the cervical spine are neck arthritis and spine disease. While not all disc problems are responsive to treatment, innovative stem cell procedures and regenerative therapy offer viable alternatives to traditional medical treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck & Spine Pain

As a leading specialist of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, Dr. Santos utilizes a stem cell therapy protocol for neck arthritis and spine pain. The goal of the treatment is to maximize the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which is rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors.

How Are Stem Cells Administered?

The Regenerative Cell Institute’s stem cell therapy for neck and spine disease utilizes cutting edge regenerative medical techniques and precisely targeted injections. Once Dr. Santos has personally evaluated the patient and developed a customized treatment plan to address their medical condition, stem cell and SVF are harvested from the patient and prepared for injection, using our proprietary stem cell treatment to yield the highest concentration.

Our stem cell treatments for neck and back pain are completed in office, as outpatient procedures, and the stem cells and SVF are harvested, procured, and injected in a single appointment. The entire procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours and patients can resume daily activity within a matter of days.

To learn more about Regenerative Cell Institute’s stem cell treatments for neck and spine disease, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, please contact us. Our stem cell treatment centers are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mason City, Iowa.

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