Pain Management

Regenerative Cell Institute is revolutionizing pain management! Using the latest stem cell and PRP procedures and cutting edge technology to treat chronic pain conditions, RCI’s pain management stem cell therapy offers patients long lasting relief from chronic joint pain and soft tissue injuries.

Using the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate the body to repair and replace damaged tissue, Dr. Santos is able to treat joint pain in knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists and provide lasting comfort for specific spine conditions including degenerative discs. RCI’s innovative regenerative medical procedures stimulate healing to the affected areas, dramatically speeding recovery times in a quick and painless manner, without the longer recovery times associated with conventional pain management techniques.

RCI’s stem cell therapy is both groundbreaking and minimally invasive. By harvesting the patient’s own stem cells from blood, fat, or bone marrow, and employing proprietary methods of concentrating stem cells to obtain a high yield of PRP, Dr. Santos is able to formulate customized indication-specific PRP formulas for each patient and procedure. Using fluoroscopic guidance and/or ultrasound guidance, stem cells and PRP are injected directly into the patient’s ailing joint or soft tissue, delivering precisely targeted aid. Once there, the regenerative cells stimulate the body to repair and rebuild tissue that has either degenerated over time or been traumatized from injury or overuse. Dr. Santos and the Regenerative Cell Institute help patients control both pain and joint symptoms and each regenerative treatment is tailored to meet each patient’s orthopedic condition directly treat their ailment.

Regenerative Cell Institute’s FDA approved regenerative medical techniques are performed by caring, compassionate, board certified interventional pain physicians and all procedures are performed in our state of the art facility. We enjoy a very high success rate of providing patients with lasting pain relief after the first injection and as a result, RCI’s regenerative pain management procedures often serve as a replacement for cortisone injections, medications, and even surgery.

Are you a candidate for stem cell therapy?

If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain, spinal pain, or soft tissue damage, stem cell therapy can help! Regardless of whether the damaged joint is the result of a traumatic sports injury, overuse, or osteoarthritis caused by normal “wear and tear,� RCI’s stem cell therapy can provide lasting relief.

Stem cell therapy provides regenerative pain management and is a great option for patients who suffer from painful cartilage injuries associated with overuse and/or trauma as well as for those suffering from debilitating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Stem cell treatments are also beneficial for patients suffering from tendonitis and ligamentous injuries. Additionally, stem cell therapy and PRP injections may serve as an alternative to joint replacement surgery as they have been proven to regenerate tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and tissue.

How are stem cells administered?

After the patient’s stem cells and high density PRP are extracted and concentrated, they are injected directly into the ailing joint or damaged tissue.

What to expect:

Most patients experience pain relief within two to twelve weeks following the stem cell or PRP procedure. Positive changes are generally visible in MRIs within six to twelve months.

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