Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is now being used to improve symptoms of medical conditions and the Regenerative Cell Institute is at the forefront of this innovative form of stem cell therapy. By using the patient’s own stem cells and PRP, Dr. Santos’ stem cell therapy techniques not only offer relief to those who suffer from degenerative diseases but also provide patients with alternative treatment options that are both effective and life changing. Regenerative medicine and adult stem cell therapy may improve the medical condition of those living with a variety of systemic diseases.

How does regenerative medicine help improve medical conditions?

Stem cells harvested from a patient’s adipose (fat) have the potential to replace numerous cells within the body. These undifferentiated cells then heal the body by replacing cells affected by the medical condition, thereby sparking a healthy immune system response that regenerates new cells. Regenerative medicine may improve medical conditions and heal the body by stimulating damaged and weak cells to restore, regenerate, and repair themselves, thereby aiding the body’s natural healing and reparation processes.

How are stem cells administered?

After the patient’s stem cells are extracted, concentrated into a high yield of PRP, and prepared for injection, they may be administered in one of three ways: intravenously (injected directly into the vein), direct injection (into the site needing repair), or intranasally (through the nose). The selected method of delivery is determined by which delivers the highest quantity of activated stem cells to the area requiring them.

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