Skin Solution

In addition to stem cell therapy facial rejuvenation treatments and procedures, Regenerative Cell Institute offers AQ Skin Solutions products to complement our aesthetic services. AQ Skin Solutions uses the latest scientific research, pharmaceutical quality ingredients, and patent pending Human Growth Factor Technology in their innovative skin and hair care products. The company is dedicated to producing a premium, effective line of skin and hair care products containing both growth factors and cytokine, and all AQ Skin Solutions products are developed in FDA-registered drug manufacturing facilities.

The company adheres to stringent quality control measures, ensuring both safety and efficacy, and Regenerative Cell Institute proudly carries their complete product line including:    

  • AQ Recovery Serum
  • AQ Active Serum
  • AQ Eye Serum
  • AQ Lash
  • AQ Advanced Hair Complax+
  • AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation System (VRS)
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  • Las Vegas: 702.434.7246 or Mason City: 641.201.1815
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