Autologous Stem Cell in Las Vegas, NV

The Regenerative Cell Institute is pioneering stem cell therapy. Using patient’s own adult stem cells to treat a variety of chronic orthopedic and spine conditions, medical conditions and aesthetics, Dr. Santos and the RCI team is leading the way in regenerative medicine and regenerative stem cell therapy.

Regenerative Cell Institute’s stem cell therapy for chronic pain management serve as an alternative to surgery, medications and/or steroids. The chronic pain and injuries we treat include problems of knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, spine, arthritis, and other musculoskeletal problems that have failed conventional treatment and for patients seeking alternatives to surgery, medications, and steroid treatments. Additionally, Regenerative Cell Institute uses stem cell therapy for medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), erectile dysfunction (ED), diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. We also use stem cells and platelet rich plasma treatments (PRP) in a variety of aesthetic procedures, anti-aging procedures, fat transfers, facial rejuvenation, and to enhance sexual wellness.

What are stem cells?

Adult stem cells are the basis of the specific cell types that compose each organ in the body. As naturally occurring cells throughout the body, stem cells not only renew themselves and differentiate (i.e. turn into other cells) but also help create new cells in existing healthy tissue. Stem cells live inside all of us, housed in various body tissue, and upon tissue injury or damage, they leap into action to repair damage as it occurs. For this reason, stem cells are considered by many to be the ‘repairmen’ of the body.

Stem cells differ from other cells in several ways. They have the ability to self-renew and they are able to divide for a long period of time. Additionally, under appropriate conditions, stem cells can differentiate into other specialized cells including heart cells, liver cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, and more. The differentiation of stem cells into other cells is called multipotency; controlling stem cell differentiation has become the basis for many of the new treatments of serious disease, injury, pain management and regenerative medicine.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Adult stem cells are the basis of all the regenerative and restorative medical treatments offered at Regenerative Cell Institute. High density activated platelet rich plasma and stem cells are rich in growth factors essential for healing. These growth factors, in turn, have the regenerative capacity necessary to regulate and facilitate the natural healing process of injured tissues.

Regenerative cells are obtained from patient’s own blood, fat, or bone marrow. Dr. Santos uses a variety of extraction techniques based on each patient’s medical condition and needs. This outpatient procedure is completed in our accredited, in-office surgery center and most often, the extraction and stem cell processing is done the same day as the regenerative medical procedure.

Once extracted, the patient’s blood is processed in Regenerative Cell Institute’s proprietary protocol to obtain high density activated platelets that are primed to heal. Blood and bone marrow extractions are completed under local anesthesia while fat stem cell extractions and fat transfer procedures require mini liposuction. Though some extraction procedures require local anesthetic and/or sedation, most have minimal discomfort.

Once the regenerative cells are obtained, processed through the centrifuge, and primed via RCI’s proprietary processing protocol, they are ready for injection. Injections are performed using advanced imaging guidance (ultrasound and/or fluoroscopy) to ensure safety, accuracy, and optimal results. The regenerative cells are injected directly into the damaged tissues or injured joints. Typically, the entire procedure lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity or harvesting the stem cells, and most all procedures are completed in a single office visit.

What to expect:

Since most all procedures are completed in a single office visit and involve minimal discomfort, patients are generally able to resume normal activity and/or return to work the following day. For pain management, orthopedic, and joint pain treatments, patients may experience minimal pain or discomfort as the stem cells work to regenerate; complete pain relief usually occurs within a few weeks and continues to improve over months. On average, joint and spinal pain management patients may require two injections, two to three months apart.