Tickle Lipo

As part of our aesthetic cosmetic procedures, Regenerative Cell Institute offers Tickle Lipo, the latest, most innovative fat removal and body sculpting technique. Internationally known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), this FDA approved procedure provides a safe, comfortable alternative to traditional liposuction.

Patients coined the term Tickle Lipo because of the tickling sensation experienced during the treatment. Unlike traditional liposuction, this surgical procedure typically does not require general anesthesia and rather than experiencing pain, patients typically experience vibrations which cause them to giggle. The vibration and movement of the cannula (the thin tube that is inserted to remove adipose fat tissue) enables it to glide through fatty tissue while delivering local anesthesia and eliminating fat with little or no pain. In essence, the patented movement of the cannula used in Tickle Lipo acts as a pain blocker in the same way that scratching relieves irritation (this process is known as “The Gate Control Theory�). The cannula is also able to maneuver through fibrous and tougher tissues for better sculpting, less surgery time, less bruising, and more rapid recovery.

Dr. Santos performs Tickle Lipo in-office, as an out-patient procedure, and patients remain awake and under local anesthesia. The Regenerative Cell Institute’s Tickle Lipo body sculpting treatments deliver excellent results, permanently removing fat cells in a safe, comfortable manner.

In addition to the fat removal and body sculpting benefits, Tickle Lipo procedures may be combined with Regenerative Cell Institute’s stem cell therapy treatments and/or stem cell banking services. After a patient undergoes Tickle Lipo, the adipose (fat) tissue that is removed can either be used for immediate stem cell harvesting (for use in stem cell therapy procedures), fat transfer procedures or the harvested stem cells may be banked using RCI’s AdiCyte stem cell banking services.

What are the benefits of Tickle Lipo?

Tickle Lipo is an innovative, minimally invasive cosmetic liposuction procedure that provides a safe, more comfortable alternative to traditional liposuction. Using a state of the art machine and cannula, Tickle Lipo uses a low frequency infrasonic vibration to quickly remove fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Regenerative Cell Institute’s Tickle Lipo procedures offer patients an array of benefits including:

What to expect:

Before undergoing Tickle Lipo, patients will have an initial consultation with Dr. Santos at the Regenerative Cell Institute. During this appointment, the doctor will discuss treatment areas, expected goals, pre-existing conditions, contraindication, pain tolerance, and any previous procedures the patient has undergone. By assessing the patient’s current health, body composition, and wellness history, Dr. Santos is able to customize Tickle Lipo procedure plans, ensuring that each patient receives the best overall medical care and results.

Tickle Lipo procedures are minimally invasive and generally last between one to two hours. Through small 3mm incisions, numbing tumescent fluid is infused into the patient’s tissue via the Tickle Lipo machine’s vibrating cannula. Once the treatment areas are numb, Dr. Santos activates the Tickle Lipo vibrating suction cannula which is specially designed for body sculpting and fat removal.

After the Tickle Lipo procedure is completed, patients remain in recovery for 15-30 minutes. Pain is typically minimal but patients who experience discomfort are encouraged to take an over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil; patients who experience further discomfort may be prescribed pain medication. Patients are encouraged to walk and resume normal daily activities immediately following the procedure, but they should refrain from exercise for two weeks. Depending on their age, some patients may be required to wear a medical stocking or dressing for three to five weeks to facilitate the re-seating of the skin to achieve optimal appearance. Tickle Lipo results may be seen immediately after initial swelling dissipates (which is generally two to five days) and continued improvements occur over three to five months, pending patients follow a well-balanced diet and exercise regimen.