Hip Injuries That Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

The different body organs, composed of billions of cells, undergo both degenerative and regenerative natural processes, especially as their age increases. What regenerative processes mean is that when older cells die, there are also new cells that are born. These new cells come from stem cells, which has the unique ability to create many different layers of other cells.

In the event of injuries, however, the degenerative process, which is the opposite of cell regeneration, becomes more heightened. Consequently, the organ gets weaker, more painful, and possibly unable to function better. With Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, NV, these degenerative processes are abated so that the injured organs can have the new cells needed to restore their overall functionality.

Hip injuries are a common injury especially among seniors, and yet, these can be provided with healing options from stem cells in the bone marrow. There are different types of hip injuries that our PRP Therapy in Iowa can help provide treatment with, but here are just among the very common:

  • Bursitis This condition is the inflammation of the patient’s bursae, which are fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions between the bones, tendons and the muscles therein the joints. Aside from the hips, the bursae are also located in the shoulders, elbows, knees, and heels.
  • Tendinopathy This condition can happen when the collagen at the tendons begin to break down, resulting in a burning sensation at the affected area, along with limited flexibility and difficulty of movement. The tendons are the parts of the body that connects the muscles and bones.
  • Osteonecrosis A bone illness that can be acquired by a person even in their early 30’s. This condition is usually caused by a significant loss of blood supply to the patient’s bone, resulting in bone collapse. The patient can experience mobility difficulties and pains on the joint.
  • Labral Tear The hip has a labrum, or the cartilage ring, that traces the outside rim of hip’s joint. The labrum serves as rubber seal so that the ball of the thigh bone can be securely placed in the hip socket. When this cartilage is torn, usually due to frequent tension and activity such as in sports, the patient can experience extreme pain in the hip accompanied by a clicking sensation.
  • Arthritis When a person’s joints are inflamed, they develop a condition called arthritis. The inflammation can also happen to more than one joint. Arthritis happens when the slippery tissue covering the end of the bones begin to break down, either due to an infection or aging. The patient can experience stiffness and pain.

Treatments for hip injuries can come in many forms and the Regenerative medicine in Nevada is one of these. The patient is strongly advised to consult with their physician so that the ideal treatment can be provided. If you know someone struggling with their hip injuries, they can come for a consultation with us at Regenerative Cell Institute.

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