Are You Suffering from Joint Pains?


Having joint pains, particularly for older adults, can make life difficult. Going up and down the stairs or bending down is hard for them. Taking medications or applying muscle rubs can temporarily alleviate or relieve pain.

Some joint problems, though, may need surgical procedures. This tends to be costly and risky. Trying stem cell therapy or PRP treatment is an effective alternative to address joint pain. Here, the stem cells that are harvested are injected back into the body to help rebuild the cells in the tendons, ligaments, or cartilage. Also, PRP treatment improves the healing of the soft tissue or bone affected by joint pains. The person’s blood is collected and treated before it is delivered to an injured area of a bone or soft tissue.

If you are looking for ways to effectively address your joint pains, you can try our stem cell therapy and PRP Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can help you control the pain and inflammation, as well as improve your joints’ overall function.

Regenerative Cell Institute is a provider of stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide a non-invasive procedure, which generally only takes 1-3 hours, to treat various health conditions, such as spine and joint pains.

We specialize in Regenerative Medicine in Nevada in which we harness the body’s power to heal by restoring human cells or tissues without the need for costly surgeries.

Our stem cell therapy doctor in Nevada is experienced and skilled in performing regenerative medical procedures. With their help, we guarantee you a very high success of lasting pain relief after the first injection.

For further queries on our stem cell treatment in Nevada, you may visit our website at, or call us at 702-550-3083.

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