Benefits of Amniotic Tissue Injections

The healing effects of the fluid and tissue surrounding a newborn baby have been realized a thousand years ago. The amniotic fluid and amniotic sac around the baby have high concentrations of cellular components, collagen substrates, growth factors, carbohydrates, and cytokines which facilitate the movement of new cells to the injured site and accelerates the healing of the damaged tissue.

When amniotic fluid allograft, comprised of human amniotic membrane and fluid components, is injected into your tissue, joint, or spinal area of concern it begins to work immediately. That is why Regenerative Medicine in NV, recommends amniotic tissue injections for back or joint pains, cartilage defects, sports injuries, and the pain of osteoarthritis.

Thus, your trusted PRP Therapy in Las Vegas, NV, Regenerative Cell Institute, gives you 4 benefits of amniotic tissue injections.

  • Procedures are less painful Like any other regenerative medicine procedures, amniotic tissue procedures are significantly less painful than non – invasive surgeries. This reduces immediate pain and discomfort as well as long-term pain caused by inflammation.
  • Growth factors in Amniotic Tissue Since it contains a cornucopia of growth factors, amniotic tissue promotes regeneration in damaged areas of the body. Growth factors are key to regenerative medicine because they replace the damaged tissue rather than masking pain.
  • It is rich in Collagen and other proteins Amniotic tissue is rich in collagen and other necessary proteins to treat diseases and injuries to bone, muscle, tendons, etc.
  • It is Anti-Inflammatory and antimicrobial Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, NV recommends amniotic tissue injections because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Unlike non – invasive procedures, this prevents inflammation and the growth of microorganisms, respectively. This significantly reduces the risks associated with other treatments for wound recovery and chronic pain.

Amniotic fluid injections for spine and joint pain are now covered by Medicare, Tricare, VA, and other commercial insurances. That’s why, if you need Stem Cell Treatment in Nevada, don’t hesitate to call 702-550-3083.

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