Since the body’s production of certain hormones gradually decreases as the person ages, there is a need to supplement the hormones to its optimum level.Hormone levels naturally decline up to 10% yearly as we age.

Bio-identical hormone pellets are custom-compounded and formulated from plants, have identical chemical structure with those that the body naturally produces. The use of BHRT hormones will counter the low natural supply of hormones from a decrease in production due to aging or illness.Proper hormone balance can help with aging, vitality, muscle strength, and disease prevention.

Regenerative Cell Institute acquires the pellets from BioTE where they are formulated to the highest standards under sterile conditions in their FDA-licensed pharmacies in the U.S. The purity and consistency of each batch of BHRT pellets are thoroughly checked, ensuring that every patient undergoing this type of therapy gets the best healing experience.

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How Does It Work?

Proper hormone levels are determined by the Biote comprehensive blood work analysis.Customized dosing is recommended to balance and optimize hormones for each patient for the best possible outcome.The hormone pellets are placed under the skin and release bioidentical estradiol and testosterone consistently into the bloodstream 24 hours a day.

The blood work analysis is explained to the patient including recommended supplements needed to support hormone therapy.The procedure is simply done in the office under local anesthesia wherein the pellets are implanted in the hip area less than 15 min.The patient tolerates the procedure very well and resumes normal activities the same day.

Depending on the circumstances, the therapy will start to take effect within the next 7 to 10 days. The patient normally experiences peak effects by 4-6 weeks when repeat blood work is required to check optimum hormone level.The pellets last 3-5 months for women and 4-6 months for men.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Hormonal Imbalance

Patients with hormonal imbalance caused by aging or certain illnesses can really benefit from hormone pellet replacement therapy. Studies have shown optimized and balanced hormones are necessary for good health and can reduce the risk of some age-related health issues such as osteoporosis, diabetes,alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. Testosterone pellets can build up to 8.3% bone mass yearly and also increase in muscle mass.

Patients tell us they experience:

  • Increased energy, strength and weight loss.
  • Better sleep, moods, memory ,and mental clarity.
  • Restored libido and improved relationships .
  • Feel younger, healthier and happier.