Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Ways You Can Overcome it

Has the flame of intimacy in the bedroom begun to wane? Don’t lose hope. There are still many things that you can do in order to rekindle the fire. Regenerative Cell Institute has lined up a couple of options for you to try out:

  • Check in with your doctor

    More often than not, there might be an underlying reason as to why your performance is affected. The earlier you consult with a doctor, the better they will be able to lead you to a line of treatment.

    For one, they might suggest you try our Regenerative medicine in Nevada. It is a type of treatment wherein your body’s natural healing process is enhanced with the help of your own cells. It’s a truly amazing process. Ask us to know more about it!

  • Make walking a part of your daily routine

    Taking as short as thirty minutes per day to walk around the block can make a great difference. It will not only lower your risk for developing erectile dysfunction, but it can also help you stay in shape.

    And in case you’re worried about joint pain, there is PRP Therapy in Iowa that can bring remedy to your concerns. Talk to us about it and we’ll help you get started on the right treatment plan.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet

    What type of meals do you eat on a daily basis? Nutrition plays a heavy role when it comes to our health, so it’s no surprise that the food you eat can also affect certain processes of your body.

    If you’d like to avoid erectile dysfunction at all costs, then you should keep a diet that is concentrated with natural foods (such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains.) while you’re at it, try what you can to regulate your weight too!

  • Monitor your heart health

    Are you guilty of having high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, or high blood cholesterol? Then it’s about time that you made a lifestyle change.

    All those factors can damage the arteries that run all over your body. With your arteries in bad shape, you would be at risk for suffering erectile dysfunction, as well as, stroke.

  • Do Kegel exercises

    Working out to keep your body fit is one thing, but there are other muscles that need to be put to work too. Among those include your pelvic muscles which are partly responsible for helping you keep an erection.

    To strengthen these muscles, you can try doing Kegel exercises by contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles repeatedly.

  • Aside from the suggestions that we have listed above, another option that you have against erectile dysfunction is to try Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Through our expertise on the field, we can help you achieve sexual wellness.

    To learn more about this form of treatment, you can schedule an appointment with us today for a consultation.

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