How Stem Cells Work


We understand. There are many things that weigh on your mind when you hear the words “Stem Cell Treatment”. We at Regenerative Cell Institute are here to provide you with the basic information that will allow you to understand what stem cell is all about. As you’re the leading provider of PRP Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada, we only want the best for you.

First, what is a stem cell?

It is a part of your cells that has the special ability to develop other cell types in the body. With this, new cells are provided to the body as it grows over time. The amazing thing about these cells is that they are able to replace cells that have been damaged or died. There are two features that allow them to perform this miracle:

  • Being able to divide to produce new, healthy cells
  • Being able to change to other cells that make up the body

With the advance of medical science and biology, it has become possible to do things that have been thought of as impossible. One of these is the regeneration of cells. With our regenerative medicine in Nevada, you can find many different treatment options for wounds or injuries.

Should you need stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada, let us know by contacting us!

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