Regenerative Cell Institute: What Sets Our Products Apart

If you ever decide to partner with Regenerative Cell Institute for stem cell transplants, know that you’re in excellent hands. We have the people, products, and technology to help deliver a safe and effective treatment.

Choosing the Best

Your journey to health and recovery requires collaboration with the best companies making use of cutting-edge science and medicine to help get you back on track and living a normal life. Non – invasive surgical procedures aren’t your only options these days. You now have a wealth of choices thanks to regenerative medicine and its plethora of amazing benefits.

So, what makes Regenerative Cell Institute’s products stand out?

  • Compared to stem cell treatments sourced from people’s bone marrow or fat, ours comes from the umbilical cord of a healthy newborn baby. Young cells are significantly more beneficial, with more primitive characteristics, faster self-renewal rate, more growth factors, are metabolically more active and have more anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities.
  • Our products are superior in comparison to amniotic products. Amniotic products, despite containing the important growth factors, lack the necessary live cells that allow them to be called “stem cell products”. This basically means they would not be as beneficial as stem cells, lacking the necessary functions to home in on injured areas or be able to secrete the proper growth factors in response to local cell signals.
  • In comparison to other umbilical cord-sourced stem cell products, Regenerative Cell Institute offers more complete cell types, with a greater concentration of MSC’s or Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and a unique extraction process that allows for the preservation of more therapeutic factors.

Companies that market umbilical cord stem cell products typically source them from umbilical cord blood, which is the easiest component to work with. The cord tissue can be especially challenging because it is protected by a gelatinous material, called Wharton’s jelly, that surrounds the cord’s blood vessels.

One of the reasons our products stand out is because they also contain therapeutic components from the amniotic membrane, which is composed of cells and cytokines that assist in revascularization and also happens to be crucial for cell regeneration and repair.

The richness of our products in MSC’s or Mesenchymal Stem Cells is among the major reasons patients should consider partnering with us for Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Up to 30% of the cell components of our products are MSC’s, in comparison to our competitors’ products which contain only 1%. We are pioneers in the industry for having undergone a CFU assay, which demonstrates MSC colony formation. This serves to indicate that not only are the cells present but they are also very much viable and healthy too.

Regenerative medicine in Nevada should definitely be an option for those looking for newer and more holistic ways to recover and get healthy. Collaborating with Regenerative Cell Institute ensures that you are guided towards one of the safest and most effective stem cell treatment option there is, such as with our PRP Therapy in Iowa. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.

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