Spinal Arthritis: Ways to Improve Spinal Function

Regenerative Cell Institute understands how important the spine is. A healthy spine supports the body’s structure. It also helps you maintain an upright position and move flexibly.

But when you have spinal arthritis, moving becomes painful. Of course, you will have to seek treatment options. The following are other ways to improve spinal function:

  • Lose excess weight. Excess weight puts excessive pressure on the spine. Losing weight helps lower the risk of developing spinal arthritis. It also helps ease the pain for individuals who already have the condition.
  • Perform proper back stretching exercises. Ensuring a healthy spine requires proper stretching of the back. Talk to your doctor about which exercises you should be doing.
  • Take a rest. Exercising can cause discomfort to your back at the beginning of your therapy. But if you feel moderate to severe pain, you need rest. Be sure to get enough rest to take the pressure off your back.
  • Use heat and cold therapy. While you take a rest, you can also make use of heat and cold therapy. If you need quick pain relief, ice your back for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can also loosen your stiff back by applying a heating pad on it.
  • Avoid certain activities. Some activities can aggravate your condition, such as heavy lifting or deep bending. Make sure to avoid these activities.
  • Consider Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Instead of surgery, stem cell therapy can be an alternative treatment option for spinal arthritis. Talk to our doctors about this option.

Take advantage of regenerative medicine in Nevada for your spinal conditions. Call us today!

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