Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis: An Overview

In the United States, over 54 million individuals have arthritis, with 24 million adults experiencing limitations in activities due to the condition. One of the available treatments for arthritis is stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Stem cells can be used as a treatment for arthritis in the knee and other joints.

As a leading specialist in regenerative medicine in NV, we will discuss what you need to know about stem cell therapy:

  • Where do the stem cells come from? When it comes to treating arthritis, the mesenchymal stem cells are the most commonly used stem cells. These cells are usually collected from the patient’s bone marrow, blood, or fat tissue through a process called harvesting. This is performed through liposuction, taking a blood sample, or bone marrow aspiration.
  • How is the treatment administered? Stem cell therapy is usually applied during surgery or delivered through injections to the arthritis joint. Most physicians utilize medical imaging like ultrasound to deliver the cells precisely to the site of the cartilage damage.
  • Who can receive treatment? Stem cell therapy is an effective treatment for knee pain management caused by arthritis. However, there are no professional medical guidelines for who can receive stem cell therapy as of this writing. The decision to receive treatment depends on the doctor’s recommendation or the patient’s decision.

We at Regenerative Cell Institute specialize in regenerative medicine. We offer several treatments including anti-aging therapies, stem cell therapy, and PRP therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and arrange an appointment.

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