The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

The health benefits of stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV, have increased considerably in recent decades and show promise in providing relief for chronic conditions and other health problems. Researchers continue to discover ways to apply stem cell therapy to ease symptoms that come with conditions like diabetes and neurodegenerative disease.

If you are considering stem cell therapy to manage your symptoms, below are just a few of the many benefits you may experience:

  • Cardiovascular DiseasesBoth animal models and clinical trials that used stem cell therapy showed improvement in cardiac repair. By stimulating the regeneration of cardiac tissues, stem cell therapy can help regenerate blood vessels, promote cell division, and increase the patient’s survival rate.
  • FibromyalgiaRegenerative medicine in NV can benefit patients with fibromyalgia. This chronic condition involves muscle pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep loss, and decreased cognitive function. A stem-based approach can help reduce inflammation and manage pain.
  • Liver DiseaseStem cell therapy also shows potential in treating acute and chronic liver failure. A stem-based approach to treatment is less invasive and can help restore liver function. Additionally, it does not have limitations like lack of donors and post-surgical complications.
  • Multiple SclerosisMultiple sclerosis is another chronic disease where inflammation is the result of a weakened immune system. With MS, inflammation causes further damage to the brain or spinal cord. A pain management clinic can utilize a stem-based approach to promote the regeneration of damaged areas in the central nervous system.

We at Regenerative Cell Institute specialize in minimally invasive stem cell therapy to treat various orthopedic and degenerative medical conditions. Give us a call for further information and guidance on stem cell therapy and other treatment options.

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