Variations in PRP for Tendon Treatment

Undergoing PRP Therapy in Las Vegas, NV for your tendon can do wonders to its composition and structure.

According to research, this form of pain management in Nevada stimulates healing and the production of collagen, which is an important component of tendon and ligament tissue. It also contains proteins that reduce the pain sensation.

However, your treatment plan may have numerous variables. This is because not all tendons have the same composition and structure. They may vary depending on where the tendon or ligament is located in the body, the function of the tendon or ligament, the nature of the injury, and the patient’s age and biochemistry.

Due to such variations, there may be certain tendons that respond more to PRP treatments.

How Does PRP Differ?

  • Patient Characteristics – Each patient has different blood composition.
  • Concentration of Platelets – The concentration will depend on the individual’s blood, how much blood was drawn, the centrifuge process, and other clinical processes involved.
  • White Blood Cell Count – Though it is still unclear as to how the white blood cell contributes to PRP Therapy, there have been a few theories suggesting it inhibits a tissue’s ability to heal and it may have even help tendons but not joints.
  • Additives – There are certain substances added to PRP, such as thrombin and calcium chloride, which artificially activate the platelets.

Do you want to know more about PRP Therapy? Know more about this form of regenerative medicine in NV when you visit our location.

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