What Chronic Wounds Are and How to Treat Them

what-chronic-wounds-are-and-how-to-treat-themDo you have skin wounds that take too long to heal, close up only to return, or don’t heal, at all? Then you may have chronic wounds. Affecting 6.5 million people in the US, these commonly cause debilitating pain and present a high infection risk. The care of an expert in regenerative medicine in Nevada may be needed to treat them.

As a provider of PRP therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada, our reliable staff at Regenerative Cell Institute offers the latest technology and expertise in bodily rejuvenation. Our scope includes helping patients in dire need of effective wound healing treatments.

Our facility offers a range of services for non healing wound treatment. First and foremost, we offer in-home wound debridements carried out by licensed nurse practitioners as the first line of treatment.

When this initial non healing wound care step does not result in closure and healing of the wound, more comprehensive medical services are available. We can perform skin grafts to seal exposed tissue and encourage healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also available. This puts patients in a pressurized chamber where they inhale pure oxygen, a gas that is vital for many of the body’s functions. In turn, this encourages cell growth, fights off bacteria, and stimulates the production of growth hormones and stem cells which repair damaged tissue.

With these solutions, you can avoid many serious complications of chronic wounds. Call us today to learn more about our effective solutions like stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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