What You Have to Know About BHPRT

When a person reaches the mid-30s, hormone levels start to go down until the mid-40s and continue to decrease for the rest of their life. BHPRT or bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy is a treatment used to add hormones similar to stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV.

  • What is a hormone pellet? A hormone pellet is a hormone that is administered by inserting estrogen or testosterone through small cannula. After a successful stem cell treatment in Nevada, these implanted pellets imitate the activities of healthy ovaries and gonads and supplant the discharged hormones.
  • Why is this therapy important? As significant as PRP therapy in Las Vegas, NV can be, BHPR therapy is the best method to recreate hormonal levels. The treatment is a way to deal with hormonal irregularities caused by the decrease of hormone generation.
  • What are the benefits of BHPRT? Bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy is a proven technique for breast cancer prevention by optimizing and balancing estrogen and testosterone. Also, it’s like a regenerative medicine in NV that controls the drop of hormonal levels.

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